Djembeschool - African Music Education for All
School Workshops
We cater for pupils across Key Stages One, Two, Three and Four. This includes workshops, residencies and teacher training.
 Our primary aim is to use West African drum and dance activities in the development of musicianship.
We also provide training for Initial Teacher Trainees, qualified teachers and music therapists in the delivery of West African drum and dance activities. This may be in the form of In Service curriculum support or college based lectures and workshops.
The Benefits of African Drumming Workshops
African drumming is great fun! It is energising and inspirational and is accessible to all ages and abilities
African drumming is traditionally taught without notation and therefore develops aural memory and listening skills. Playing the djembe also improves co-ordination and motor skills
Drumming together and creating music as an ensemble encourages bonding and communication within the class. The polyrhythmic nature of African drumming requires the group to actively listen to each other and to work together
Through the experience of our African drumming and dance workshops – where the drumming and dance are interlinked - children develop a greater understanding of rhythmic structure and musical form
African drumming encourages creativity and self expression.  The children develop confidence in their abilities and a sense of achievement is generated through performance and appraisal 
Being introduced to and involved in African music promotes intercultural understanding
Class 4K, Edward Betham CE Primary School in Ealing
Workshop information
For further information on the workshops that we provide please click on the links below:
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