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A traditional West African drum and dance troupe that is engaging audiences across the UK
Mamady teaches at his school in San Diego alongside his wife Monette Marino-Keïta. Together they travel the world carrying out his mission to preserve the tradition and the music of the djembe
Born in Ziguinchor, Senegal on 14 February1978 in a griot family (hereditary musicians). With his quartet formation, Seckou has made a significant contribution to Kora music with the highly original tunings
A world-renowned virtuoso of the djembe drum and its orchestra. One of only a handful of initiated Masters of the Malinké drumming tradition, Famoudou is universally respected as one of the world’s premiere djembe Drum Masters
Iya Sako, djembe fola, born in upper Guinea, is now resident in the UK and available to teach traditional West African Malinké rhythms.
Jamo Jamo’ comes from the Diola people in the Casamance region of Senegal. It means ‘popular’ or ‘well-known.’ It’s also fun to say. Jamo Jamo Arts brings traditional and current West African culture to the UK and Europe
Drumming in Cornwall and great resource page
the organisers behind this project are able to bring West African djembe & sabar
                                 drumming to the Black Country &
                                 Birmingham, but primarily centred around
                                 Halesowen in the West Midlands
Dublin based drumming organisation with on-line resources and video clips
Seby Ntege is a gifted, enthusiastic musician and dancer from Busoga, eastern
                                 Uganda. Seby currently lives in the UK and
                                 runs music and dance workshops in schools,
                                 universities and colleges all around the
                                 country, as well as community workshops
                                 and performances.
Meeting the significant need for community space for ethnic and minority groups and faith communities, The Synergy Centre has rapidly become a cultural hub for Southwark community groups and individuals.
Learn to drum, sing gospel harmonies, dance under the stars to live rhythms from around the world, find your animal spirit, be immersed in a world of cultural sharing, stretch yourself and let your spirit soar
A Celebration of Percussion, Voice and Dance from around the World
The quintessential world music festival ...workshops, processions and the stalls of the Global Village ...70 acts from around the world ...basically anyone who's anyone is on this huge and wide-ranging bill
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